Vince Vaughn Top 5 Non-Comedic Films

Vince Vaughn is mainly known for his roles in hilarious films such as “Wedding Crashers” and “Old School.” Truly the guy is ridiculously funny, he’ll have you rolling on the floor with laughter with his wild shenanigans that plays out in his films.

However, Vince Vaughn is not a one trick pony that’s only capable of making “one” laugh their butts off. Vince Vaughn is also very capable of doing totally serious and compelling roles. Vince Vaughn wears a perfect poker face where you would never imagine that he’s one of the funniest man alive.

Here are the Top 5 Non-Comdeic films with Vince Vaughn that you should most definitely:

  • - Return to Paradise
  • - Clay Pigeons
  • - The Cell
  • - Into the Wild
  • - Thumbsucker

Vince Vaughn has been all over the spectrum of films, from romantic comedies, to raunchy comedies to psychological thrillers and character studies. He’s rather familiar with both Hollywood and Independent films. He’s covered all the grounds and done rather magnificent.

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