Katie Holmes Registers On Wealthy Men

The public have been informed that Ms. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise called it quits because of his wacky Scientology beliefs, but what everyone doesn’t know is that she is quickly getting it on by signing up on WEALTHY MEN. Katie is an actress and is use to dating dudes with money. There is no other spot to meet guys that have money and can make happy the recently single Katie. Some people might say that Ms. Holmes is moving on too fast in chatting with new men, but she had engineered this divorce for several months now. Reports told she had in possession a disposable cell phone that a close friend gave her so she can speak with lawyers without Tom Cruise figuring it.

The divorce has been finalized easily because the Scientology community did not want the light shine on them. Surely they don’t want any added attention as they want to carry forward with being this mind altering religion. For those who don’t know, Cruise has discovered his new partner and Ms. Holmes will remain on her search through WEALTHY MEN. Everyone is happy for her to be out in the social scene and connecting with guys whom she will have a great relationship with. Do not be startled if you come across a gorgeous brunette that goes by the name of Ms. Katie Holmes on the WEALTHYMEN.COM.

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