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Male actors and models are regularly assumed to be well shaped and look simply good looking.  The hotter they are a lot more chick fans they will get and anyone knows that chick supporters will buy and do anything for them. These celebs are consistently in the public eye and have their work and much more talked about. These guys have to make certain that their charisma is consistently there and to maintain their lady fans well off. Besides from looking attractive these stars are very gifted and pleased with their work. Here is a list of The Best Looking Men Famous People In Hollywood:

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

2. Jake Gyllenhaal

3. Johnny Depp

4. Joe Manganiello

5. Peter Facinelli

As always there are a lot of other male actors and models that could have made this top five list, but for right now these are our admire dudes. They are absolutely attractive to glimpse at and many chicks like their films or song tracks. Do not let it slip your mind to keep visiting for more cool artist, actor and model articles.

Worst Star Partnerships

Failed Celeb Couples

Celebrities usually switch spouses as much as they switch their undergarments. A few last for a little while before terminating the relationship, while some are an absolute disaster directly from the get go. Relationships should be taken truly serious, but for some reason a lot of celebrities do not or they get into these outrageous relationships that is totally no good from the beginning. Here are the Top Five Most Outrageous Famous Couples Of All Time:

1. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

2. Jon and Kate Gosselin

3. Sammie and Ronnie (Jersey Shore)

4. Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

5. Pete Doherty and Kate Moss

This list of celeb partnerships have either slept around with multiple people, abused and much more to one another. These are the most unhealthy partnerships Hollywood has witness and I am sure there are plenty more crazy couples to come our way. I hope in the not so far future stars will pick their boyfriends and girlfriends more wisely.

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