Rihanna Wants A Boob Job Because Her Ex- Chris Brown Says She’d Look Real “Hot”

Twitter Pic via- @rihanna

Rihanna and Chris Brown are not even officially back together and it seems already as though she’s fallen into his toxic web of crap. Apparently, Rihanna is looking for plastic surgeon to get a boob job because her ex- Chris Brown says she’d look so much hotter with a bigger rack. And like an obedient worker she gets to work just to please him. Rihanna’s friends are shocked as well as scared for Rihanna.

Everyone knows the songstress is nothing but beautiful and that last thing after Chris Brown that she needs is a cosmetic procedure, especially one that’s only to please a man that’s been nothing but abusive towards her. Hopefully, she’ll wake from this dream and send Chris to hell and keep herself just as she is, which is naturally beautiful!

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Emma Stone Looks Cute & Casual At LAX Airport

Emma Stone was seen making her way through the LAX airport recently as she had just touched down in Los Angeles, California. The Amazing Spiderman actress was dressed extremely casual and she looked cute as she gathered her bags and made her way to the vehicle. Her boyfriend was not with her during this travel, but it is safe to say that they met up shortly after her arrival. Don’t forget to read about another celebrity that is hanging out in California and that is ‘The Saturdays’ Member Frankie Sandford Hangs Out In West Hollywood.

Ms. Miley Cyrus Chops Off Her Hair

Soon to be married Miley Cyrus choose to surprise the Twitter community when she shared a new photo of herself with her hair cut off. Ms. Cyrus had famous hairstylist Chris McMillan cut all of her medium length hair off and she loves every bit of attention she is having. She struggles to step away from the wholesome little girl that loads of fans look at her to be. Everyone is totally hoping that she has plans on wearing a wig for her nuptials though, because that hair cut is not cute for a wedding. Ms. Miley Cyrus’ future husband has to be deeply in love with her as that hair style is not normal. The image is courtesy of Twitter.

Miley Cyrus Changes Her Top

Yesterday country singer Miley Cyrus made her mind up that she was going to change her hair. Hardcore fans around the country met the choice with joy. The word dashed through the social media world as Disney Star Hannah Montana made public the self pics of her totally new hair. Hollywood hair guru hair stylist Chris McMillan worked the deed of styling her hair to mixed lengths. While he kept Cyrus’ Hannah Montana feel. People in general wondered her plans for her upcoming nuptials with Long-time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth considering her new hair style. Yet both Billy Cyrus and her husband to be truly loved her changed hairstyle. The picture is courtesy of Twitter.

LiLo Wrongful Issues Over Elizabeth Taylor Production

LiLo yet again messed up, but this time around it’s definitely fixable and she will not be taken to behind bars for this misfortune. I am certain might know she is starring as the deceased Ms. Elizabeth Taylor in the Liz and Dick production of. The insurance company brought on broad by the production team have to said that they do not desire to have LiLo behind the wheel at all with their rental car. However, Ms. Lindsay Lohan managed to get in a sports car and smashed into a semi-truck. Currently, the insurance company has not omit their agreement but the film makers now have really put their foot down and will not allow Lindsay Lohan to drive one of their cars anymore during recording. Will she listen? That is anyone’s guess.

Leading & Attractive Pregnant Women In Performing Arts Today

If you haven’t heard, yet again there’s another phenomenal baby fever with women in TV. There are numerous of dazzling and leading women in the movie industry that are now pregnant. Several of these women entail, the dazzling, Drew Barrymore and Vanessa Lachey & various more.

Gals more than ever before exhibit that they desire becoming mums & need to use their natural instincts rather than being on television without time for anything else. Everyone of these well known, expectant moms are looking so gorgeous as they clutch onto motherhood.

Mr. Rodney King Life & Death Story

This past Sunday a dead body was discovered in a private pool in California and that body was of Mr. King. It has been announced that King died from drowning. Mr. King is known by neighbors to enjoy after hours swims as they can hear him going for a swim.

Rodney King’s fiancée is the lady who found his dead body and called 911. Capt. Randy De Anda looking into the case has stated to the news that he was just in the private pool for around 3 minutes before he drowned. There was no drugs or alcohol was identify by the pool, but is not ruled out. Mr. King is famous for being the black man who was badly strike by several white law enforcement officials in California which sparked the most intense race disturbance the country has ever witnessed.


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